Precision, conviviality and fun are the trump cards: Aachen curling rink opens again in November                                                 

In curling, successful strokes and the conviviality of a group make for great feelings of happiness even in sub-zero temperatures. Now, for the third time, this winter leisure fun is also available at the Aachen Christmas Market.

This year, the attraction at Holzgraben will once again lure visitors to Aachen's city centre. Up to 32 people can play in parallel on four lanes and have lots of fun together in small groups. Whether it's a company party, a club outing or a leisure get-together with family and friends - curling offers fun for everyone - from small to large, from young to old.  

Curling is a precision game that is a lot of fun. It works in a similar way to boccia or boules: you have to get as close as possible to the stave with your stick - and to do this you sit down in front of the opponent's stick or you chase it away with caracho. Or you push the stave exactly where you need it. But a well-placed stick does not guarantee victory, and a player can turn the game around for his team with a well-aimed throw just before the end. 

Strength is therefore less important in this game than feeling. And a little "geometry" does no harm either. An individual portion of "target water" is also helpful - whether it is a warming tea or an aromatic mulled wine. 

Of course, physical well-being is also catered for and the Alm Bar leaves nothing to be desired!

Fancy a drink?

If you too would like to spend a leisurely round on the curling rink, you can easily make a reservation request and thus ensure that you only have to put up with short waiting times on site.

Reservations can be made online at www.hexenhof-aachen.de/eisstockschiessen or by calling the hotline on 0241/9180 120. A calendar is also available online, which shows on which days and at which times the lanes are still available.